This pro-shot footage of Lorna Shore's triumphant appearance at Bloodstock shows exactly why they are one of the most exciting deathcore bands in a generation

Screengrab of Lorna Shore playing Bloodstock
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2022 was an incredible year for Lorna Shore. As well as releasing their absolutely monolithic album 'Pain Remains', they played SO many huge shows. From Lollapalooza to Brutal Assault, everywhere that they stepped foot, they carved out a moment for themselves. Another milestone was their appearance at Bloodstock, where they took to the main stage and made it their own.

That performance has now been uploaded in full by Bloodstock, and it is a sight to behold. From the opening build of opener To The Hellfire through to the bludgeoning otherworldliness of the closing crescendo Into The Earth, it is a masterclass in bringing brutality to the big stage. Every guitar solo executed to perfection, every drum fill rattling by like machine gun fire, and every breakdown punishing enough to bring tears to your eyes. And then there is Will Ramos, conjuring hellish howls and guttural grunts like it's second nature, never missing a beat.

From Sun//Eater to Of The Abyss, Cursed To Die to And I Return To Nothingness, it is a stunning display from a band at the height of their power. And with them becoming more and more of a phenomenon with each passing day, it's moments like this that help to cement why every ounce of success is justified. Deathcore's most exciting asset? You bet.

So sit back, relax and enjoy 36 minutes of pure brilliance:

Will didn't just let his vocals run free during his own band's set at Bloodstock. He also popped up at Malevolence's set too, joining them for Karma. That looked a lot like this:

Bloodstock will be returning to Catton Park, Derbyshire, later this year, with headliners Meshuggah, Killswitch Engage and Megadeth.

Other acts already confirmed for the four-day event next August include In Flames, Sepultura, Whitechapel, Knocked Loose, the reformed Biohazard - headlining Sunday night, on the Sophie Lancaster stage, with their original line up - Sacred Reich, Zeal & Ardor and Crowbar.

Full information on the event can be found on the Bloodstock website.

Poster for Bloodstock 2023

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