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This cover of Prince’s When Doves Cry in the style of Type O Negative is crushingly epic

Ah, Denis Pauna. Where would we be without you? 

Honestly, probably where we are now, but a lot less entertained. If you’re a little late to the Pauna party, here’s everything you need to know: he’s the master of mash-ups, and is pretty well versed in the art of remaking hits to sound like some of metal’s biggest bands. 

His latest effort sees him making over Prince’s 1984 chart-topper When Doves Cry in the style of Type O Negative. In fact, we’re starting to suspect ol’ Denis has a metal-crush on Peter Steele. Hey. Nothing wrong with that. So do we.

Just a word of advice before you hit play: make sure your volume is set to its limit, cos you’ll want to enjoy this loud. So sit back, relax, and surround yourself in this blanket of soul-crushing doom and let reality melt away. And when you’re done, why not immerse yourself in some of Pauna’s other covers, where he recreates the sound of Alice In Chains, Metallica, Motörhead and more.

Elizabeth Scarlett

Elizabeth (Lizzie) is a music-obsessed creative soul with a love for all things heavy. In her spare time you’ll probably find her designing music magazines, playing the bass and most likely fantasising about Lemmy.