This band has reimagined Rob Zombie's Dragula as a Christmas song and it's surprisingly creepy/festive

Psychostick parody Rob Zombie
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The holiday season is in full flow, which means two things: our already low tolerance for Christmas music is weakening, and so is our will to behave in an even remotely sensible manner. After all, isn't that what the holidays are all about: throwing your cautions to the wind and acting like a turkey-stuffed buffoon? We think so, at least.

In keeping with our need for end-of-year mayhem (if you can't let your hair down at this time of year, when can you?), we've come across Psychostick's parody of Rob Zombie's Dragula, helmed by one very creepy Zombie Santa. 

For the song, the comedy metal band have swapped out Rob Zombie's macabre lyrics for something a little more Xmassy, complete with menacing elves, a giant nutcracker, strange reindeer masks, scantily clad models, guitar fights, explosions and lots of chunky riffs. 

In keeping with the original Dragula video, the Zombie (Santa) also rides around manically on some sort of devilish joy-ride, but this time through wintery landscapes and snow covered trees. 

'Maker of the list, gonna check it twice, gonna find out if you're naughty or nice', and 'let them sugar plums dance inside your head, I may watch you sleep, as you lay in bed', are just a few of the seasonal (and kind of creepy) this un-dead Santa sings. 

If Rob Zombie isn't your bag, then Psychostick have other similarly amusing creations to check out, such as this Drowning Pool Bodies parody I Can Only Count To Four, which is pretty popular with tots on TikTok.

Watch the Rob Zombie parody below:

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