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These $500 Metallica statues are the ultimate metal-loving toy nerd fantasy

(Image credit: Knucklebonz)

Between the giant box sets, high-end whiskey and Master Of Poopies baby bibs, it sometimes seems like it’s Metallica’s world and we're just living in it.

Further proof comes with the news that toy makers KnuckleBonz are releasing a range of Metallica statues in early 2021. According to the blurb, the 1/9th scale figures are “officially licensed, limited edition collectibles. Each piece is hand-cast, painted and numbered; only 3000 are created.” 

In fairness, they do look like a pretty cool addition to any shelf, assuming you can find a space amid all the other Metalli-merch you’ve shelled out for over the years. And the price? Just $149 each or a snip at $536.40 for the full set (that's just four S&M2 deluxe box sets, two-and-a-half Seek And Destroy watches or around one-third of a limited edition Hetfield-style ESP guitar).

If your wallet can withstand the battering, check out the full range over at KnuckleBonz.

(Image credit: Rock Ikonz)