The Well stream debut recording

Texas psychedelic rockers The Well have released debut album Samsara via RidingEasy Records.

And they’ve released a stream of the full recording via Soundcloud. Hear it below.

The Austin trio blend musical styles and take influences from bands including Joy Division and Blue Cheer. They describe their sound as “doom, punk and horror in one ghostly soundtrack.”

Guitarist and vocalist Ian Graham says: “Writing dark, ominous music is how I deal with life. When we play live it’s like expelling the demons.”

Earlier this month, they released the single I Bring The Light, the closing track on the album.

Samsara tracklist

  1. Mortal Bones 2. Trespass 3. 1000 Lies 4. Lucifer Sam 5. Refuge 6. The Eternal Well 7. Dragon Snort 8. I Bring The Light