The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets: Track By Track Part Two


Yesterday we brought you part one of the Marmozets track by track and as if by magic we're bringing you the second part today!

The next songs up for discussion are Cover Up, Particle, Cry, Weird & Wonderful and Vibetech. Despite Vibetech’s different tangent to the rest of the album (with the band harking back to their mathy Dillinger Escape Plan roots) the majority of the Yorkshire five-piece name it as their favourite on the new album.

It’s also really interesting to note that the title track – and band motto – was pretty much hammered together in the space of a day without any serious planning. Then there’s the anti-sex marketing Cover Up, the riff-heavy Particle and the proggy Cry – described as “Justin Timberlake meets Rush”.

Check out part one of the Marmozets track by track and read our own analysis of their debut album. The you should probably download the album from iTunes or get a proper CD version.