The Resistance tease Torture Tactics

Swedish death metal outfit The Resistance are streaming For War as a preview to their upcoming mini-album, Torture Tactics.

Released on March 9 via earMUSIC, the project features six new tracks plus two songs pulled from each of their 2013 releases – the EP Rise From Treason and full-length album Scars.

The band includes The Haunted vocalist Marco Aro, In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad, former In Flames guitarist Glenn Ljungstrom, ex Kaamos/Grave drummer Chris Barkensjo as well as bassist Rob Hakemo.

The band say: “The torture is coming, people. Enjoy the track For War from the upcoming EP Torture Tactics.”

The Resistance are currently in the studio working on their second full-length album, which will be released in April or May.

  1. For War 2. Dead 3. Cowards 4. Deception 5. The Burning 6. Dying Words 7. Slugger 8. Expand To Expire 9. Face To Face 10. I Bend You Break