The Laze stream Cryptic Plumage with Prog

Do you love Magma, or any prog that turns the genre on its head and twists and distorts it into ludicrous realms, all while fuelled by a saxophone? Then The Laze’s third album Cryptic Plumage will blow your mind. It’s a sonic collection of alternative histories and re-imagined realities: absurd, pompous and over-blown, it is inane maximalism for the age of zero attention span. The Laze look backwards and forwards simultaneously, and end up cross-eyed. 

Follow their handy track-by-track guide as you immerse yourself in the music below: 

Polygone is an illustrated children's book from 1972 about a shape that can't settle on how many sides it has.

Totally Sirius refers to an ancient Egyptian barbecue which summons a portal to an alternative dimension when the hot dogs were cooked correctly.

Brave, The Petrified Forest is about a petrified forest called Brave who, during the Pleistocene epoch, protected the coast line of the Wirral from fearsome Hippopotamus and Crocodile.

Stone Hive questions whether the architecture and technology that humans have created and reside within constitutes a holobiont.

Rainbow Amoeba puts a name on those little translucent creatures that live in your eyes and run away every time you try to say hello.

Roman Hogs tells the story of when Caligula's horse, Incitatus, was appointed high priest and consul and then proceeded to order flaming pigs to be released into the homes of Patricians.

Scaffolds is what happens when you design and build a house with your friends but you need some structural support and a really long guitar solo.