Testament 'took advantage' says Christian

Former Testament bassist Greg Christian has posted a reflective Facebook update, a year after he left the band after a lack of payment.

Although he again hits out at his ex-band’s hardline attitude – which left him with less than $150 to his name – he also writes of being in a better, more productive place with his new project Trinity Fallen. And he also reveals his financial woes were put into perspective following the death of friend Fozz Bear.

He says: “Been reflecting a lot. A little over a year away from Testament I see everything so much different. There’s also something about death that helps to put other things in perspective so I think Fozz’s passing may actually be ‘helping’ me in a way.

“I’d have to say I was under duress the entire eight and a half years I was back in the band. I came back with nothing, under a great deal of stress about trying to keep up an appearance that was consistent with being in a band of this stature, while being shit broke and struggling.

“That’s exhausting and I was never able to get ahead, even a little. They fully took advantage, knowing if I didn’t just do the gigs and get that next cheque, I couldn’t pay my bills. There was no negotiating. There was a, ‘Fuck off, take it or we’ll get someone that will. We own everything and you’re not shit anyway’ kind of attitude. I never once felt grounded or balanced. It wasn’t possible.

But he says while his financial situation is no better than it was, his work with Trinity Fallen has given him hope for the future.

He adds: “I still have the same financial and external struggles, except the putting up a front thing. The whole world knows I’m broke, so I can relax about that. I’m watching the songs I’ve wanted to do forever materialise in an amazing way with Artak and Timmy and I’m finally starting to find my ground.

“I’m starting to see things right in front of my face that have been there all along, that I wasn’t able to see in that situation. I see life getting a lot better fairly quickly here. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but this time it’s going to work out.”

Trinity Fallen are currently finalising their lineup, while Testament will play this year’s Download festival on June 13.