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TeamRock Radio: The Playlist (6.10.14 - 12.10.14)

You know when you have a house party? There’s always that one guy who you don’t remember inviting, but nevertheless shows up hammered, throws up somewhere awful, necks an entire bag of gak and then makes a clumsy - and thoroughly unwelcome – coke-induced, vomit-encrusted pass at your mate who’s currently going through a messy break-up. You know that guy? That’s how much of a dick Monday morning is.

I can’t help with that, but I can tell you what new songs TeamRock Radio are gonna be playing this week, and that’s something, right?

We’ve added a ton of new music over the last couple of weeks, so this week we’re just letting it play, with the exception of the new MH track. We couldn’t leave that out, could we?


Brody Dalle – Rat Race (Caroline/UMG)

With a voice that urges you to come to bed, but with a very real possibility of being stabbed when you get there, we like the new Brody track. Spiky, punky and catchy as a dose of bird flu, what’s not to like? (M)

Audrey Horne – Out Of The City (Napalm)

With the video (featuring Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth) premiered on the other week, I defy you to listen to this track and not be singing like a loon by the second chorus. (D)

Beartooth – The Lines (Red Bull)

These guys have been feeling the love from Sophie K on Breaking Bands for a while, and after listening to this latest track, we figured it was time to move these guys onto daytimes. Unbelievable Jeff.

Black Stone Cherry – Remember me (Roadrunner)

A great track from the band who - in addition to being nominated for Best Album at the Classic Rock Awards 2014 - are also going to be on one of this year’s most highly anticipated tours with Airbourne & Theory Of A Deadman next month. (D)

Marmozets – Born Young And Free (Roadrunner)

An extremely difficult band to pigeonhole, so let’s not bother. Suffice to say we’re loving Marmozets and can’t wait to hear the album. (M

Fall Out Boy – Centuries (Virgin EMI Records/DCD2)

Gosh, it’s only the biggest damn rock song in the world right now. Pretty heavy for FOB as well. Me likey.(D)

In This Moment – Sick Like Me (Atlantic)

Typical ITM. Quirky, well-produced, chorus-heavy metal. Great for radio. (D)

Jack White – That Black Bat Licorice (Third Man/XL)

Quirky, catchy and unmistakably Jack White. There’s a lot of love in the TeamRock Radio bunker for this track. (M)

Judas Priest – Down In Flames (Sony)

The latest track from the Metal Gods’ most recent album features some cracking guitar work from the Tipton/Faulkner pairing. Hail the harmonies! (M)

Kyng – Electric Halo (Razor & Tie)

Heavy stoner riffage in the fine Sabbath tradition. Can’t wait to see these guys on the Lords Of The Riff 2 tour in November. (M)

Sixx:AM – Gotta Get It Right (Eleven Seven)

There’s something about this song that just digs into your brain and won’t leave. Catchy stuff from the new album. (M)

King 810 – War Outside (Roadrunner)

I don’t wish to start rumours, but based on this brutal track from Memoirs Of A Murderer, I think someone may have some anger issues. (M)

Philip Sayce – Out Of My Mind (Mascot)

Now here’s a man who can play guitar really rather well. Writes a hell of a Hendrix-influenced tune as well, as this track from his new album Influence will attest. (M)

Purson – Danse Macabre (Machine Elf)

After spot-playing this a few weeks ago, it stuck with us, so we decided to give it a shot. Trippy as Hell, but also extremely catchy. (D)

Queen – There Must Be More To Life Than This (Feat. Michael Jackson) (Virgin)

New Freddie-era Queen. ‘Nuff said. (D)

Young Guns – I Want Out (Virgin EMI)

Anthemic? Check. Uplifting? Check. Big chorus complete with ‘WHAAAAOOOOO’s? Check. Sorted. (M)

Slipknot – The Devil In I (Roadrunner)

New Slipknot. No explanation required. (M)

Machine Head – Now We Die (Roadrunner)

Someone at iTunes is in bother for leaking this early, but whoever it is, we owe them a debt of thanks. Phenomenal new track from the upcoming album. (D)

Stevie Nicks – The Dealer (Warner)

You want to hear a voice that’s really lived a life? The new track from Stevie Nicks is exactly that. This new track has ‘future classic Stevie Nicks’ written all over it. (M)

The Black Keys – Gotta Get Away (Nonesuch)

Nominated for Band Of The Year in the Classic Rock Awards 2014, this latest track is great slice of 70’s-influenced rock. (M)

And if that isn’t enough we’ll be spot-playing across the week…

Crossfaith – Madness (Search & Destroy)

Despite a worrying resemblance to a Nickelback in the opening seconds, the latest track from these Japanese mentalists soon delivers all the womp you could want. (D)

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song (Atlantic/Swan Song)

The latest track from the upcoming reissue of Houses Of The Holy. This alternate version lacks the piano of the original, but none of the feel. (D)

Lonely The Brave – The Blue, The Green (Columbia)

Another anthemic, uplifting track from recently-released debut album The Day’s War. (D)

Rancid – Honor Is All We Know (Hellcat/Epitaph)

News of Rancid releasing a new album has led to many of us in the TRR bunker joyfully breaking out the leather jackets, studs and Doc Martens again. Oi, and indeed oi. (D)