Suicide Silence's new album is ‘heavy as possible’

Suicide Silence Mark Heylmun Eddie Iniguez
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Suicide Silence aimed to make their upcoming album “as heavy as possible,” they’ve revealed.

Produced by Taylor Young, Remember… You Must Die is expected to arrive via Century Media early in 2023. In a podcast hosted by rhythm guitarist Chris Garza, recorded the day after they’d finished work, lead guitarist Mark Heylmun gave a glowing report of new drummer Ernie Iniguez’s contribution to the project.

“It started as heavy as possible,” Heylum said. “The group chat amongst us and Taylor is ‘HAP,’ … ‘HAP’ is ‘heavy as possible.’ I tried to name the record Heavier Than Possible. It’s still a great name, I think!”

He added that Iniguez – who replaced Alex Lopez once most of the music had already been written – had laid down his tracks at a hefty rate. “Ernie recorded five songs the first day, which is mainly a set-up day normally,” Heylum enthused. “It was insane. We knocked out all the easy songs on day one. Day two, the other six, that was a hard day. But we still got done two hours early.”

“I like to work, dude. I like to work,” Iniguez responded, admitting it had been a “weird time crunch” to join the band when he did. He added: “Taylor got a great performance out of everyone, and when you start with a platform like that it makes everything else super slick and easy. This has been one of the more fulfilling recording experiences I’ve ever had in my 17 years of playing music. I’m really stoked and excited for everyone else to hear it. It’s an exciting record to say the least.”

Suicide Silence's last album, 2020's Become The Hunter was seen as a return to their deathcore roots after the divisive experimental nature of their 2017 self-titled record.

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