Steven Tyler felt inspired by Nashville vibe

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler
(Image: © Getty)

Steven Tyler says he felt rejuvenated by his recent songwriting sessions in Nashville.

The Aerosmith frontman is working on his upcoming solo country album – and he says spending time in the US city has had a profound impact on him.

Tyler tells DuJour: “I knew I wanted to do a solo record. It’s like that Foreigner song Feels Like The First Time. I had never written with folks like the ones down here – to walk into a room, drink some coffee and eight hours later you have a song.”

“It was like me coming here was the start-over. My own personal musical Bethlehem.”

He goes on to describe Nashville as a “music mecca” and a place where picking up a hitchhiker with a guitar can reveal “a song that’s better than most of the shit you’ve written.”

Tyler released a stream of his solo track Red, White & You from the as-yet-untitled solo album earlier this year. In 2015, the singer admitted his Aerosmith bandmates were “not happy” about his solo album, as it resulted in the band cancelling most of their 2016 tour plans, according to guitarist Brad Whitford.

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