Solstice Andy's son impresses on Guitar Star


The son of Solstice guitarist Andy Glass has made it through to the next stage of Sky Arts talent show Guitar Star.

Alfie Glass blew the judges away with his performance at the London auditions this month and made it through the final of the Rock Heat – to be aired on Sky Arts on July 14 – where he’ll be mentored by Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi.

The 13-year-old – who was only 12 when the audition was filmed – will spend a day with Iommi before a live performance at London’s 100 Club, where the Rock Heat winner will be crowned.

Proud dad Andy says: “Alfie was up against some really talented technical guitarists but I think the thing that makes him stand out is his charisma and communication with the audience. He just believes he will get them onside – and he does.

“He is dyslexic and art and music is what he really loves. His goal is certainly to become a progressively better musician and to play in bigger and better places with his band Skinny Lizard.

“He’s so young, but he’s very old school and loves classic rock. Tony Iommi is his hero. He is thrilled that he’ll be mentored by Tony and that he’ll get to play at the legendary 100 Club.”

Guitar Star sees musicians compete across four genres – rock, classical, jazz and acoustic – with a winner chosen in each category. Judge Huey Morgan, of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, was particularly amazed by Alfie’s audition. He said: “Wow, that’s what you’ve gotta do. He’s a Guitar Star, that’s what we were hoping for. A kid who took it and ran with it, playing on his knees and getting the crowd to clap along.”

On his performance, Alfie says: “I just did what I do every single time I go on stage. I just go crazy and it comes naturally to me – rocking out.”

Andy admits he’s enjoying the experience every bit a much as his son. He adds: “He’s only 13 so I have to be with him throughout this… which is very nice. And generally I’m doing all the things for him my dad did for me. Driving him to gigs and things like that.”

As for Solstice, they’ll be playing at HRH Prog 4 in Wales next March and Andy says they’re working on new material. The band’s last album was 2013’s Prophecy.

Watch Guitar Star on Sky Arts catch-up and tune in for the Rock Heat final on July 14.

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