Slayer stop fan selling car


Slayer have responded to fan’s spoof advert for his car by offering to give him free tickets to their show in LA next month.

The follower, called Jake, decided to sell his 1997 Ford Escort so he could afford to attend the concert. His ad was based on a current promo featuring movie star Matthew McConaughey, Jake says in the clip: “I know there are those who say I can’t go there. Yes, I can… I just have to sell this car.”

Now Slayer have posted a video by way of reply, shot in the studio where they’re working on their 11th album. Frontman Tom Araya says: “You’re gonna sell your car for some Slayer tickets? The car’s a piece of shit! Tell you what – we’ll give you the tickets. I got to go back and get some work done.”

The band add: “Awesome video, dude. Don’t sell the car. You’ll need it to get to the forum. Two tickets, two VIP passes in your name on Slayer’s guest list. Look for an email. We’ll see you there.”

Meanwhile, a separate clip offers fans of the thrash giants a first look at the Scion AV vehicle that’s being created as a tie-in with the band.