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Slayer set sights on 40 years

Slayer guitarist Kerry King says the 33-year old outfit can easily reach their 35th anniversary – and he can’t see any reason not to pass their 40th as well.

The thrash giants have endured turmoil in recent years, splitting with original drummer Dave Lombardo for the third and seemingly final time, then dealing with the death of co-founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Speaking from the studio where they’re at work on their 11th album, King says: “There’s no formula, man. When you think about it, how many people get to do this for 10 years? There are so many who don’t. We’re lucky enough to be one of the 30-year groups – there’s not many of those at all.

“We’re still rockin’. I know 35’s within reach, then we’ll see about 40. We’re going to be here a while.”

Frontman Tom Araya adds: “We’re just starting, right?”

In addition to the album, the band are recording a track exclusively for Scion AV, after tying up with the car maker to launch a Slayer-branded edition of their vehicle.

Meanwhile, a fan has created a spoof advert to advertise the sale of his 1997 Ford Escort – so he can spend the money on Slayer tickets. LA-based Jake says in the rip-off of an ad starring Matthew McConaughey: “I know where are those who say I can’t go there. Yes, I can… I just have to sell this car.”