Bostaph fields health rumours


Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph has moved to silence ongoing rumours about his health.

He believes stories about ligament problems were raised when the band cited a “chronic elbow injury” as the reason for his departure in 2001.

But Bostaph, who rejoined in 2013, says that wasn’t the case.

He tells LoudTV: “It wasn’t because of my health. I’ve always been healthy. I’ve always played sports, and through playing sports I’ve sustained injuries. I don’t know many people who play sports that don’t.

“I don’t know too many people that eventually don’t tear their anterior cruciate ligament. My ACL injury turned into an elbow injury turned into a foot injury, turned into ‘What’s wrong with your right ear?’

“It’s all the rumours. I get questions from people, ‘I hear your right hand hurts.’ The bottom line is, I’m healthy.”

Slayer launched 11th album Repentless last month and they tour the UK with Anthrax in November.