Slash talks pride in Appetite

Slash says he looks back on Guns N’ Roses' debut Appetite For Destruction with pride – but admits he never expected it to become the giant album it’s proved to be.

The album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, but the guitarist only ever thought it would make them a cult success.

Slash tells Linearock: “I’m so proud of the fact I was involved in a record that had that kind of impact. But if you were to tell me back then that’s what it was gonna be, I would never have believed you.

“It was just a record made by these five characters and looking back on it, there was something that spoke to people in a certain way. It was a very streetwise band but with a very naive world view.

“It was a social commentary, but it wasn’t about the world at large – it was internal angst that teenagers really related to. It was delivered with the kind of impact that really had a big effect on people.”

He continues: “It’s the combination of emotions and energy that couldn’t really be replicated – it was just something that happened in the moment. I remember when the record was finished, I thought we’d be a really cool cult band.”

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators released new album World On Fire this week via a Classic Rock fanpack – four weeks ahead of the album’s regular UK release date date of October 13. Copies can be purchased here or bought with £2 off the retail price from participating WH Smiths stores.

Meanwhile, Slash and Myles Kennedy will be Nicky Horne’s guests on the Classic Rock Magazine Show on TeamRock radio on September 22 at 6pm. In an hour-long session, the pair touch on all aspects of the new album and reveal the thrill of playing music together.