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Simmons: ‘Not a chance’ of original Kiss reunion

Kiss vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons says there’s no way he would consider reuniting with former bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

When questioned about the possibility, the vocalist/bassist tells The Tampa Bay Tribune: “Not a chance. We’ve already danced that dance three different times. No way will we reunite – it wouldn’t be fair to current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.”

Simmons also touched upon the controversy surrounding the band’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, when the group refused to perform unless Thayer and Singer were involved in the performance.

He says: “We have no reason to complain – we’re the luckiest sons of bitches to walk the face of the Earth. If the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame added us or didn’t, it didn’t matter to us – we only did the induction with Ace and Peter because the fans wanted it. It was a slap in the face that they didn’t acknowledge Tommy and Eric. They’ve been in the band longer than Ace and Peter.

“If The Grateful Dead can have 10 members in and out of the band and a lyricist who was never in the Hall, how can you explain that? Or how can The E Street Band? Well, then why not The Silver Bullet Band or The Heartbreakers. I don’t get it.”

Asked how he would improve the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Simmons responds: “I would put Run DMC, who I believe are very good, and the rest of the hip hop into the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame. I would take Madonna and Donna Summer, who was a dear friend, and put them in the Disco or Dance Hall of Fame.

“I would put Deep Purple in the Hall. The fact that Blondie got in before Humble Pie is crazy.”