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Sikth, Eyehategod and more for the Metal Hammer Radio Show tonight

Recovered from your Bank Holiday weekend? Well your ears are about to take a serious pounding from the Metal Hammer Radio Show.

Tonight we’re going to be streaming the debut album from the newly reformed Sikth, as well as absolute ragers from Eyehategod, Bad Religion, Korn, Crowbar, Helmet, Karnivool, Emperor and Alice In Chains.

And once we’ve finished showing off our record collection, we’ll be talking about Prince Charles’ latest gaffe. Well, sort of. News has reached us that Russia has reacted angrily to Charles comparing President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

Which, as per usual, got us thinking… what’s your favourite song to turn to when you’re outraged or angry and why? We tend to stick on a bit of Justin Bieber when we’re angry just to remind ourselves that everything is okay because we’re not him.

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.