Sick Michaels had to be talked out of playing

Poison singer Bret Michaels had to be talked out of trying to play solo band shows while fighting a serious virus, his guitarist Pete Evick has reported.

The diabetic vocalist was forced off stage after three songs last week as his blood-sugar level plummeted. He was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a severe form of flu, and later cancelled two further shows.

And Evick – who’s been present while Michaels fought off a brain haemorrhage, heart disease and emergency appendectomy in recent years – says he’s never seen his bandmate in such a bad condition.

He reports: “It took a team of doctors, friends and family to convince Bret not to return to the stage. He doesn’t believe it’s right, but those close to him would rather have him miss one more day than to cause more problems by pushing himself.

“Most non-diabetics take a week off work when they contract a flu like this, so two days is still pretty crazy.”

Evick describes Michaels’ illness as a “perfect cocktail” of virus and diabetes, and adds: “I have stood with Bret for over nine years, and I’ve been round the world with him. I was there when his appendix burst; I was there through his brain haemorrhage and watched him re-learn to walk and talk – not to mention countless blood-sugar scares,

“But nothing like this. The complication of this brutal virus and how it has affected him has been awful to watch.”

Michaels aims to be back in action for his solo band appearance in St Louis in June 13.

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