Bach clears up wedding confusion


Sebastian Bach has moved to clear up confusion surrounding a part of his wedding celebration that’s open to fans.

Tickets costing $300 went on sale this week for an event promoters described as “the wedding of Sebastian Bach to Suzanne Le” in San Jose, California.

But the singer reports the “all-star jam concert party” is not directly connected to the pair’s nuptials.

Bach says: “Nobody in the world is or ever was ‘selling tickets to our wedding.’ Our wedding is a private family affair which is not open to the public.

“We are, however, having an All-Star Jam Concert Party Shindig Rock N Roll Extravaganza Bash at the reception, after our wedding. The concert at the reception is open to the public.”

He adds: “We are looking forward to having a great time. Come on out and party with us on our special day. I apologise for the confusion.”

Bach this week called for concert venues to adopt the same no-phones policy used by cinemas and theatres.