Bach wants gigs to adopt theatre no-phones policy

Sebastian Bach wants live venues to adopt the no-phone policies used in theatres and cinemas.

The singer is one of many artists to have slammed audience members who shoot video during shows, recently telling the Sioux City Journal: “You’re distracted, and it’s distracting to the performer as well.”

Now Bach tells 105.5 KNAC Los Angeles: “Here’s my point: When I go to a movie there’s a big fucking sign, ‘Please be kind and put away your cellphones.’ If anybody’s on a cellphone, I want to fucking smack them. There’s not even anyone on stage. We’re watching the playback of a tape.”

He continues: “For live performances, you don’t give the same respect? You can’t go to a movie and have your cellphone on, but when you have actual live human beings, it’s fucking okay? That’s fucking bullshit!

“It’s not appropriate in our society to stand up in a theater and film the fucking movie, but it’s totally acceptable to do that at a concert?”

Bach cites his experience of appearing in four Broadway shows to back his position up. “You can’t pull out your cellphone or you’ll get kicked out – do you know why? Because it’s distracting. It’s just not the way to watch and enjoy a show.”

Bach is on the road playing shows across North America in support of 2014’s Give ‘Em Hell, and he is preparing to take a break before working on a follow-up record. He tells Metal Wani: “I’ve got to recharge my batteries a bit. I’ve given everything I had. I’m so exhausted from thirty years of this. It’s going to be a while before you get a new record from me.”