Scout Acord steps down from Issues


Tyler ‘Scout’ Acord has confirmed he’s permanently parted ways with Issues.

The keyboard player and DJ announced earlier this year that he was taking a break from touring with the band to concentrate on his work as a producer. He said at the time he’d still work in the studio with Issues, and in a new statement he insists that is still the case.

He says: “After much thought and discussion, I regret to inform you that I am officially parting ways with the band as of now. To some this may come a shock, to others, you may have seen this coming from miles away.”

Acord – who is also a drummer – adds that he was never keen on joining the band in the first place and that his heart was never in it.

He says: “The problem with doing something that your heart isn’t fully committed to though, is it wears off real quick. I started to become envious of every other band member living out their dreams playing what they were passionate about, getting better at their craft, all the while I was showing up for work every day.

“It got to the point where my least favourite part of the day was getting on stage, which is pretty ass backwards to the point of playing music for a living.

“As far as the album goes, I was, and still continue to be just as involved as I always have been in the writing and production process. It’s really the only part of being in Issues that I truly enjoy – the creation of the music.”

Issues this week announced a 2016 European tour.