Saturday Night Live share axed skit about goths and now we understand why it was dropped

SNL goth skit
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Saturday Night Live have shared a previously-unused skit, Three Normal Goths, created by the New York-based comedy group Please Don't Destroy.

Starring Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy, the sketch captures three hardcore goths as they go about their day-to-day lives at work. The punchline? Er, there isn't one, really.

The main gag centres around the fact that goths – who tend to look different from the rest of society, remember! – do in fact carry out normal lives, and don't actually hide away in dark and dreary rooms, piling on corpse paint, worshipping Robert Smith and simply being miserable. In fact, goths are normal people with normal interests, they just so happen to stick out when doing everyday things - like, for instance, maintaining an office job. Get it?!

Look, we like a good bit of self-deprecation as much as the next alternative music website, but this SNL skit doesn't really expand beyond the whole "goths = scary" thing, which really doesn't give it much else to go on, and in a world where mainstream artists are embracing alternative culture more than ever (have we forgotten Doja Cat rocking a Hole cover recently?), we think shows like SNL can work a bit harder to do this schtick. 

The skit transitions through scenes of the three goths in meetings, discussing their weekend plans to judging their colleague's outfits. They also muse about their very normal interests such as Disney Parks, Marvel and Family Guy. LOLs.

But hey, perhaps we're just channelling the goth stereotype ourselves and being a little too grumpy about it all, so be the judge for yourselves and give it a watch below. Comedy is subjective, after all! 

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