Satch gives up on Chickenfoot hopes


Joe Satriani has given up trying to bring Chickenfoot together for another album - and he’s aiming to form another band instead.

The guitarist says he’s tried to persuade singer Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith to make a follow-up to their second title Chickenfoot III, released in 2011 – but he’s had no luck.

He’s decided it’s over despite a brief reunion with Hagar and Smith at a charity concert last month.

Satch tells UCR: ”So there was the three of us – three Footers were there, gentlemen of the Foot hanging out. But I get the distinct feeling it’s just not going to happen.

“For reasons that are too boring to go into, I’ve kind of giving up trying to be the instigator, of trying to get another record done.

“At the end of the benefit, although it was one of those fun things with being up there with Sammy and Chad again, I just got the feeling that they’re not thinking it’s on the cards.”

He reveals that much of the material on solo album Shockwave Supernova, out in July, was originally designed to be Chickenfoot music.

“I recorded all of the demos for a new record,” he says. “I really just couldn’t get people motivated to get going with it. So, that music has moved on. I’m actually looking forward to maybe finding another band to collaborate with.”

But he adds: “If the guys want to do something, I’m always ready for it. I love Chickenfoot, and I think it’s one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to all of us.

“I’m a bit heartbroken that we weren’t able to work on a couple more albums and tour. But you’ve got to move on – that’s reality. Those guys have other things to do that are important to them, so, I respect it.”

Smith is working on the next Red Hot Chili Peppers album while Hagar’s supergroup The Circle, also featuring Anthony, issued live album At Your Service in May. Satch tours the UK later this year:

Nov 01: 02 Apollo Manchester

Nov 02: Birmingham Symphony Hall

Nov 03: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Nov 04: Sheffield City Hall

Nov 05: Cardiff St. David’s Hall

Nov 07: Southend Cliff’s Pavilion

Nov 08: Bristol Colston Hall

Nov 09: Portsmouth Guildhall

Nov 10: London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo