Safety Fire split with bassist Peri


The Safety Fire have split with co-founding bassist Lori Peri – and say they may not replace him.

He started the band with guitarist Dez Nagle before they completed their five-man lineup in 2006. Now he’s bowed out as they begin work on their third album.

Peri says in a statement: “I would never have thought all those years ago that we’d go on to release two albums and play hundreds of shows to tens of thousands of people across the world.

“What’s more important is how lucky I am to have met so many amazing people, some I’ll call friends for the rest of my life. The band was started through friendship, and that’s what I’m lucky enough to take away from it.”

He thanks fans for their support, and says he’s looking forward to becoming a fan of the band himself. He adds: “It’s been the most amazing experience of my life – but everything must come to and end, and this was the right time for me to take a different path.”

The band say in their own statement: “We’re very sad to see Lori leave, but we fully support him in his decision, and wish him the best in his future endeavours.

“We aren’t looking for a replacement bassist at the moment and are not sure we ever will. So please don’t message us talking about your mad bass skills – we’re keeping this OG.

“There will be a new album in 2015. See you then.”