Rush men could have park named after them


Rush men Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson could have a park named after them in the place they grew up.

The community council of Willowdale, Toronto, Canada, will be asked to vote next month on whether a “unique creative space” should be named the Lee Lifeson Art Park.

Locals want to mark the fact that their area was the “inspirational backdrop” that fired the prog giants into the big-time.

The musicians – who were last month given honorary doctorates by a Canadian university – have given their blessing to the proposal.

Council Jon Filion tells Inside Toronto: “They were wonderful about it. They asked a lot of questions, and said they’d be honoured to have a park like this named after them.”

The development, set for completion next year, is to be “a celebration of creativity, where people can go to be creative or enjoy others’ creativity,” he adds.

“It’s going to be a really amazing park – a real asset to the community.”

Filion admits he wasn’t a fan of Rush until he began considering naming options. Now he says his favourite track is Subdivisions.