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Ronnie Radke sues over rape claim

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has taken legal action against a woman who claimed he was involved in a group sexual assault.

The 25-year-old resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, alleged via Facebook that Radke and some of his entourage had attacked her, leading to a number of physical injuries.

Radke denied the allegations, and has since filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles.

The paperwork says: “The gist or sting of the defamatory statements is that Radke is a rapist, an alleged rapist and/or someone who condones rape by members of his entourage and that Radke has been arrested and has posted bail for a violent sexual crime.

“Ronald Radke has been exonerated as fully as can occur in less than one week. The police swabbed the tour bus and the car and found no evidence of a rape. The police have taken no action against Radke. The police did not arrest Radke. The prosecutor has not charged Radke. Radke was not required to post bail. No restrictions have been placed on Radke’s movements.”

The singer has admitted to a previous “casual intimate relationship” with the alleged victim, and that she was on the band’s tour bus after the Utah show. But witnesses say at least a dozen people were also present. Other claims are addressed and countered in the lawsuit.

Radke is claiming financial compensation for defamatory statements, for damage caused to his “property, business, trade, profession and/or occupation.”