Rolling Stones album in the can says Keith Richards

Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (Image credit: Getty)

Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones have completed recording their first album since 2005’s A Bigger Bang.

And he adds that the results might come as a surprise to fans.

The band recorded two new tracks, Doom And Gloom and One More Shot, for 2012 compilation Grrr! then last year, Richards vowed that he’d persuade his colleagues to complete more studio work.

Now he tells The Sun: “That’s in the can – although it might be a surprise to people, and I can’t say any more than that right now.

“We did sessions in London in December, which suddenly gave us a whole load of stuff. The Stones have never cut so many tracks in such a short time.

“That’s not necessarily a guarantee of a good record – but there’s something in the works, and I’d just like to leave it up there in mystery land.”

Meanwhile, Ronnie Wood has revealed a few details of the band’s recording sessions. He tells AP: “We went in to cut some new songs, which we did – but we got on a blues streak. We cut 11 blues tracks in two days.

“They are extremely great cover versions of Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter, among other blues people. When we heard them back after not hearing them for a couple of months, we were like, ‘Who’s that? It’s you!’ It sounded so authentic.”

He adds that the album should be released this year.

The Stones performed to over a million people in Cuba last month, leading Richards to announce that he wanted to stay there for ever. “That was unique, even in my book,” says the 72-year-old. “There was a great sense of release and freedom, and everybody had an incredible time.

“What struck me on the drive from the airport to Havana is, suddenly you realise that nobody had a phone to their ear, or was emailing or texting with their eyes fixed on a little box. It reminded me of the old days before phone mania set in.

“I’ve got to put it up there with the Hyde Parks. What a way to finish off a great tour.”

Asked about the future, he replies: “We’re planning some gigs later on this year. I take each tour as it comes, and at the moment I’m still shaking Cuba off me.”

Does Keef still want to be in the Rolling Stones?

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