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Rock band seize control of Wendy's Drive-Thru for impromptu performance

Vella La Vella perform outside of Wendy's
(Image credit: Vella La Vella)

Not so long ago, we were gifted with the marvellous footage of a man performing from his drive-way (well, it was marvellous until he got arrested). 

In a new video, metal band and guerrilla entertainers Vella La Vella continue in that same spirit, putting on a brief but undeniably exciting show at a Wendy's Drive-Thru in what's presumably their home town of Spokane, Washington.

Why, you ask? Well, because it's what they do. Velle La Vella's other "engagements" include taking over Target, (opens in new tab) delivering the dirt at Denny's (opens in new tab), and mangling music at McDonalds (opens in new tab). As long as there are drivers to entertain - or burgers to be flipped - that's where you'll find Velle La Vella. 

Back to Wendy's: Positioning their pick-up truck at the Drive-Thru with the intention of blocking other drivers from entering and making orders, the band rip through a session of heavy rock'n'roll riffage from the vehicle's cargo bed.

Posting the footage onto Instagram and TikTok, the musicians wrote: "WE HAVE CLAIMED WENDYS! NOW LISTEN TO METAL AND EAT BURGERS". 

You don't have to tell us twice. We like metal and burgers.

Watch the video below.

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