Rob Cottingham reissues Behind The Orchard Tree

Rob Cottingham

Former Touchstone keyboard player Rob Cottingham has finished work on a new solo album, for which he's revisited the past.

Back Behind The Orchard Tree is a re-recording of his 2002 debut album Behind The Orchard Tree, with new song Out Of Time.

“I've wanted to do this for ages,” says Cottingham. “The songs are good, but I was keen to make it more ballsy. When Lisa [Driscoll, vocals] got pregnant, we had to postpone recording the second Cairo album until July, so I grabbed the opportunity.”

The album includes guest vocals from his eldest daughter Kerry, while Cottingham performed nearly all the instrumentation himself at his home studios.

“I then went to John Mitchell's Outhouse Studios for 12 days, where he did the guitar parts and I recorded the vocals, before we mixed it together,” he adds.

The album will be available digitally through from mid-April, with a physical version likely by the end of the year.