REM to release material from vaults


REM's Mike Mills says the band are sitting on a goldmine of unreleased material – but insists a reunion is not going to happen.

The band – who split in 2011 – released their Unplugged four-LP collection on Record Store Day 2014, with a CD and download version available this week.

And bassist Mills says fans can expect new REM material in the future.

He tells Billboard: “We have a lot of stuff in the vaults, a fair amount of stuff that’s never been released. We all want to do something with this stuff. We know we’ve got some really good things hanging around. We just want to put them out in a way that makes them as special as possible, because they’re special to us. I mean, if we’ve been sitting on stuff for this long, why go cheap with it now?”

But no reunion is in the cards, with Mills adding that he, Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Bill Berry are “happy as clams” with their current situations.

He says: “Everybody’s busy and really having a great time. It’s a nice relief in a way. As much fun as it was, it’s nice to not have to be on the hamster wheel anymore.”