Reckon you can guess who the world's loudest band is?

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Ever wanted to know who the loudest band on the planet really is? Well, a newly released survey might take you one step closer to the truth, as venue licensing company Get-Licensed release data they claim compiles the loudest known live performances in history. 

According to the survey, the "standard" rock band performs at 110 decibels, while AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead all crank it up to a whopping 130 decibels each – or, the same sonic power as an air raid siren. 

They also report that Deep Purple knocked three of their fans out when they broke the Guinness World Record for the Loudest Live Performance at the Rainbow Theatre in 1972, such was the sheer force of their 117 decibel racket. Their record has, of course, been broken many times since.

Despite having wrecked Pete Townshend's hearing for good, The Who apparently perform just one decibel above the sound of a balloon popping (126 db) – which doesn't actually sound all that impressive, when put like that.

But who, pray tell, are the loudest live band of all time? Apparently, with their loudest known live performance coming in at a massive 139 decibels, it's the loincloth-laden, power metal warriors Manowar – proving they were right to crown themselves the Kings of Metal all along. They're also the eternal holders of the Loudest Live Performance Guinness World Record, which was abandoned after they won it by turning in a performance of 130 db in 1984, among growing concerns the award promoted hearing loss.

You can check out the survey results in full over on their site.

Briony Edwards

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