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Reckless Love say festivals made it all worthwhile

Reckless Love frontman Olli Herman says his band owe a lot to playing festivals.

As his band prepare to play the Bohemia Stage at Sonisphere today, the Finnish glam metal singer says it was a festival crowd which reaffirmed his band’s faith in chasing the rock n’ roll dream.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “Let me tell you about a contrast. When we recorded our first record in 2010 we were still playing shitty small clubs after it was released. One night in Eastern Finland I remember there were only 14 paying customers there to see us.

“We were thinking ‘Fuck, why are we doing this? It’s supposed to be the dream’. But a month later we were playing the Download festival and there were 10,000 fans watching us and singing every word back and it reminded me ‘Yeah, thats why we’re doing this.’

“It shows how fast things can happen, things can change overnight.”

While he is thrilled to be living the dream, Herman insists the band have a lot of fun at work.

He adds: “Rock ‘n’ roll is simple and stupid. Four guys going round the world in a van, having a party and playing shows, it is simple and stupid but it is a good fucking time.”

Reckless Love speak to Sonisphere Radio, powered by TeamRock (opens in new tab)