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Radkey in 'super violent' clay promo for Glore

Radkey have released a clay animation video for their single Glore – along with a making-of clip showing how the promo was put together.

The song is taken from the trio of brothers’ debut album Dark Black Makeup, which was released in August via Little Man Records. The video and making-of film can be viewed below.

The promo for Glore was created by director Nicos Livesey and his crew by moulding 435 bars of different coloured clay for 10 weeks, sculpting hundreds of tiny objects and moving cameras for 10-12 hours at a time.

Livesey says: “Strapping Go-Pro’s to our lead animators head, rigging up the model making studio like Big Brother and time-lapsing the weirdness of our UV stop-motion dungeon, we wanted to give an insight into the sheer amount of work Glore took to make.

“People may not realise it, but pretty much the entire video is made fully in camera. We wanted to stay true to what claymation really used to be like and we wanted to stay out of the computers as much as we could. This meant a hell of a lot of work and a whole heap of super skilled model makers, stop motion animators, a badass director of photography and the love of London’s home of stop frame animation, Clapham Road Studios.”

Radkey were on a three month tour of America and Europe while the video was being made, watching updates over the web.

Bass player Isaiah says. ”We were really stoked to work with our buddy Nicos on something really cool and super violent. He asked us for a huge list of things that we loved and hated. Things like foods, characters, shows and we even got really specific with something like data corruption. Everything’s in there. It’s the ultimate claymation. And Jar-Jar gets his face punched off.”

The band have a handful of US dates still to come this year.

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