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Quotes to take away from the Sonisphere press conference

The people behind Sonisphere held a press conference today... here's what you need to know.

“There are few better ways to celebrate 40 years of rock at Knebworth than what we’re doing today. Having Metallica and Iron Maiden on the same bill - what a great way to celebrate our 40th anniversary.”

“With so many faceless venues what’s fun about Knebworth is to have this beautiful park and this beautiful old house. In a hundred years they’re going to be talking about this period at Knebworth house and how these were the classic rock years.”

On Soni’s hiatus

“The last two years were costly and terrible.”

“We took a deliberate decision in 2013 not to run because we couldn’t put together a bill we were comfortable with and that was good enough.”

On having the responsibility of pushing new bands and festival headliners

“We gave Rammstein their first headline show and Billy Clyro.”

“We’ve broken ground with Babymetal.”

On expanding the festival

“It’s not going to become a 100,000 capacity festival. It can’t, we don’t have the space. And there comes a point where from a practical point of view that you get a scale where you can’t continue to deliver quality of customer service.”

On next year’s headliners and line-up

“We’ve thought about it a great deal. It won’t be Adam Lambert.”

“We’re working hard and will hopefully be making announcements as soon as we can.”

Luke Morton