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Primus drummer Tim Alexander suffers 2nd heart attack

Tim 'Herb' Alexander
Tim 'Herb' Alexander

Primus and Puscifer drummer Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander reports he’s suffered a second heart attack, two years after he underwent bypass surgery.

He says his latest experience left him saddened – and he wants everyone to tell their friends and family that they’re loved.

Alexander’s heart had to be stopped in July 2014 after his first attack. He returned to action in October that year.

Now he says: “I had a second heart attack the other day. I did not think this could happen after having a triple-bypass.

“I was overwhelmed with sadness – not because of the fact that I could die, but that I would have to say goodbye to my family. It can happen at any moment, and remember it will happen one day.”

He adds: “Tell the people in your life you love them. Enjoy the days you have with them. They are limited. We’re all here for a short time.”

Responding to fans’ well-wishes, Alexander reports: “I am home and doing well. Just taking it easy.”

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