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Phil Collins role was on Bonham bucket list

Jason Bonham has described playing In The Air Tonight as part of Phil Collins’ band as a bucket-list experience.

He doesn’t know whether he’ll be part of the former Genesis frontman’s future plans – but he’s already content with his three-week stint last year.

The drummer, who replaced his late father John for Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion show, was the only new band member when Collins staged a rehearsal run before coming out of retirement.

Bonham tells Billboard: “I had an amazing time. It was an honour to be chosen by one of my real heroes. Other than my dad I would say Phil is my guy to go to.

“I’ve been a huge fan since Abacab, and then of course his solo stuff. My wife kept telling me, ‘Don’t keep looking for approval. He’s hired you – he knows what you can do. Just give him your best.’ I had such a good time with it.”

He admits he felt under pressure as the new man in the organisation. “Everybody else were the same guys he’s worked with for years. I had to learn everything. You think you know songs, but you don’t know them until you actually play them.”

Collins decided the moment wasn’t right to go back on stage last year, but in October he confirmed he was out of retirement – and he’d even like a Genesis reunion at a later stage.

Asked whether he’ll be part of Collins’ plans, Bonham says: “I haven’t heard anything. I feel great that I had the three weeks. To be able to play In The Air Tonight was one of my bucket-list things I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to say I did.

“So if that’s all there is, I’m happy.”

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