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Collins wants Genesis reunion

Phil Collins says he’d love to stage a reunion with Genesis – but thinks it would have to be with the lineup he fronted, rather than bringing back Peter Gabriel.

The singer and drummer last month confirmed he’d come out of retirement after rethinking his life and receiving treatment for the physical issues that had hounded him.

He reported that he only needed to practice if he wanted to play drums again – but his latest comments suggest it might not be so straightfoward.

Collins tells the Telegraph: “I’d love to do it, but it puts a bit of a kibosh on it if I can’t play the drums.

“There’s no reason why the three of us can’t get back together, though. We still get along – always have done.

“The voice is alright, that’s the main thing. Considering a lot of people don’t even know I play drums, I could get away with it. It would piss me off, because it’s the reason I started doing this in the in the first place – but I’m not sure anyone else would care.”

In the first instance he’s aiming to restart his solo career with a run of live dates that won’t take the form of a traditional tour.

He says: “Kate Bush did shows in London and people came to her. Billy Joel plays once a month at Madison Square Garden. Bryan Adams does two or three weeks of touring with lots of breaks – so it can be done.”

But Collins admits: “I’ve got a lot of questions myself – I wish I had some better answers.”

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