People are losing their minds over this recent and highly questionable viral Guns N' Roses performance

Axl Rose
(Image credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images, TikTok)

A new video of a recent Guns N' Roses performance has been making the rounds on TikTok, primarily because...well, it unfortunately doesn't sound all too impressive.

The show took place on June 15 in Stavanger, Norway, as part of the band's ongoing world tour, and according to TikTok user @norwegianknittingbee, it didn't go down so well with those in attendance.

To show her disapproval and to capture one particularly questionable moment, she uploaded a video of the classic rockers performing Welcome To The Jungle, alongside the caption "well that was dissapointing". 

Within the footage, frontman Axl Rose can be heard singing the song's bridge (the bit that sounds a little erotic) and part of the chorus, during at which point his vocals seem particularly thin. 

Comments on the video are similarly bemused, with one user suggesting that the notorious vocalist sounds a lot more like Herbert (nicknamed "Herbert the Pervert") from Family Guy; the elderly character who has a famously hoarse voice. 

Where many viewers agree that the performance was shoddy, one user poses the argument "You can’t expect a 60 year old to sound like he did when he was in his late twenties". 

In response, the video's owner writes: "There is a big difference between expecting a concert like 30 years ago and what we got here. With tickets costing 100 Euros per ticket I expected more", before adding on another comment, "This was their best song 😳😳😳 - even more down hill from there".

Another user defended the band adding, "No Axl can't sing. But you don't go for Axl's voice. You go because it's guns n roses. It's the history of the band and what they were."

The video of the performance has caused such a strong reaction that it has now amassed 2 million views across the platform and 77.1K likes. 

Check it out below:


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