Pasadena City Council are seeking ideas on how best to commemorate Eddie Van Halen

(Image credit: Larry Marano/Getty Images)

The Van Halen family arrived in Pasadena, California from Holland in March 1962, and brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen were still living at the family home at 1881 Las Lunas Street at the end of 1978, even as their band’s debut album passed the two million sales mark in their adopted homeland. 

Understandably, given the huge outpouring of love for Eddie Van Halen following the guitarist’s passing on October 6, the city is looking to honour EVH’s memory with a permanent memorial, but no-one can agree on exactly what form that memorial should take.

The Pasadena Star News reports that during a City Council meeting on October 26, elected officials directed City Manager Steve Mermell to assemble a public group to consider ideas, then return to the council with suggestions as to how the city could remember its popular homegrown guitar hero.

According to the newspaper, suggestions were put forward to erect a life-size statue of Van Halen, or to mount a plaque on one of the band’s former haunts. Others proposed renaming a park after the guitarist, while some present favoured turning his childhood home into a historic landmark.

After listening to the public comments, Mayor Terry Tornek  noted, “As you can see, nothing is easy in Pasadena.”

We shall report back on the council’s final decision as and when they make it.

Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6 due to complications brought on by his two decade battle against cancer.

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