Ozzy just wants to eat dinner in peace


Ozzy Osbourne says he's happy to meet and chat with fans – so long as they don't interrupt him during dinner.

The Prince Of Darkness admits his ego would be bruised if people stopped approaching him, but he really doesn’t appreciate restaurant autograph hunters.

In the final edition of a three-part series for Noisey – in which Ozzy is interviewed by son Jack – the Black Sabbath icon talks about fans, discovering Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde and his belief in a “higher power.”

Ozzy says: “The one place that really gets me crazy is when I’m having a meal at some restaurant and somebody comes up to me and goes, ‘Can you sign this?’ Because that’s my time. I’m pretty okay with people most of the time.

“Your mom says to me, ‘The time you have to worry is when people don’t ask you for autographs.’ And I suppose there’s some truth in that. But saying that, if I saw somebody I really admired in a restaurant, I would never, ever dream of going, ‘Hey, will you…?’ Never.”

On whether or not he’s ever been a religious person, Ozzy says: “I believe in a higher power, call it God if you like. But I don’t believe there’s a guy on a fucking cloud getting blow jobs from chicks with fucking wings.”

In part one of the series, he discussed living the clean life while in the second edition Ozzy took aim at politicians.

This week, Ozzy won the Classic Album award for Blizzard Of Ozz at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour in Los Angeles, while his wife and manager Sharon was named VIP of the year.

Hear the full three-hour Classic Rock Magazine Show special edition from the Classic Rock Roll of Honour on demand now.