Noel Gallagher tormented brother Liam for years by moving furniture around and pretending to be a ghost

Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis
(Image credit: Des Willie/Redferns)

Being poster boys of Britpop and the faces behind one of the largest rock bands to ever grace the earth, it's fair to say Oasis have made their fair share of headlines. Of course, their moments in the press haven't always been solely about their music: a large part has been sparked by the brotherly beef between Noel and Liam Gallagher, who over the years have been involved in all manner of scraps caused by their two-decade-long feud.

Now, it turns out that over a span of multiple years, Noel used to take advantage of Liam's fear of ghosts by secretly moving his furniture around in hope of convincing him that he was experiencing paranormal activity. 

Back in 2016, Noel spoke to The Mirror, which is when he revealed his comical pastime of annoying his brother with faux spooky experiences. Around the time Oasis were recording Be Here Now in 1996, the band would frequently dabble in illicit substances, spurring on a sense of paranoia about being watched. At one point, the Britpop group even convinced themselves that the that farm animals at the country studio they were in had cameras and recording equipment.

Thinking of their time recording at The Farm studio in Chiddingfold, Surrey, Noel recalled: “Because it’s on a farm, there’s lots of farm people knocking around, we’d always be suspiciously looking out their window, admittedly high as a fucking kite thinking, ‘sheep’s got a camera. Don’t like the look of that pig.’"

The most nervous of the drug-addled group, however, was Liam, who was particularly suspicious about places being haunted by evil spirits. 

“We convinced him his bedroom was haunted, so when he’d get up in the morning and go and have his breakfast, someone would go in and turn the pictures back to front, or fucking move a lamp beside his bed across the other side of the room", Noel explained.

"He’d arrive pale: ‘Have you been in my fucking room?’ ‘No, why?’ ‘You’ve been in my room, because now the fucking lamp is in the toilet.’ ‘No way, fucking hell. Wow. Yeah, that was amusing. That was worth it.”

Moral of the story: don't do drugs, and don't ever leave Noel Gallagher unattended. 

Liz Scarlett

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