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Nikki Sixx: Nobody in rock has respect for Gene Simmons

Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx (Image credit: Getty)

Nikki Sixx says no one in rock has any respect for Kiss mainman Gene Simmons.

The Sixx AM bassist’s comments come after Simmons said that Prince, who died last month aged 57, had “killed himself” although the details surrounding his passing have not been confirmed.

And Sixx, who slammed Simmons in 2014 when the Kiss man said he had no sympathy for people with depression or suicidal thoughts, thinks it’s now time for Simmons to “call it a day” after his latest outburst.

He tells FM99 WNOR: “We have no respect for Gene Simmons anymore – nobody in rock does. And I’m not gonna sit back quietly and allow a bully to go out there and put down people he doesn’t know anything about.

“The last thing that me and Gene got into is he said that if people are depressed, they should kill themselves.

“I think that Gene should call it a day, and that we should look at this beautiful catalogue of music that Prince has given us. And if you wanna compare Prince to Kiss… there’s no comparison. Prince has been an amazing artist. He’s kept his standard high over the years and was never just about money and ego – it was about music.”

Kiss bandmate Paul Stanley also criticised Simmons’ “cold clueless” quotes and issued an apology on his behalf, which drew an attack from Simmons’ wife Shannon Tweed. Simmons then said he was sorry, admitting: “I got such shit from my family for my big mouth again.”

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