Next To None stream You Are Not Me


Next To None, the prog metal outfit featuring Mike Portnoy’s son Max, have released a stream of their track You Are Not Me.

It’s taken from debut album_ A Light In The Dark_, set for launch on June 29 via InsideOut.

Portnoy Jr says: “You Are Not Me is one of our heavier songs that shows more of a modern metal side. It’s also probably one of the first songs in prog metal history to feature a beer keg being hit with a bat!”

The album was produced by Portnoy Sr, who recently said: “I can’t stress enough how much of this album is them. I don’t want people to get the impression I’m writing anything.

A Light In The Dark is available for pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon.


  1. The Edge Of Sanity

  2. You Are Not Me

  3. Runaway

  4. A Lonely Walk

  5. Control

  6. Lost

  7. Social Anxiety

  8. Legacy

  9. Blood On My Hands