New survey reveals how music has helped the UK survive lockdown

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According to a new survey published this week by UK Music and taken by pollsters Public First, music has played an integral role in reducing the stresses of the majority of UK citizens over lockdown.

It was the largest poll performed since the music industry's initial closure back in March 2020, and was orchestrated to find out what role music played in the lives of the British public during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through questioning over 1,000 adults, a key finding revealed that 74 percent of people said that music is important to their quality of life – with 39 percent saying that its importance has increased during the past year.

It also showed that listening to music helped stabilise the emotional wellbeing of 57 percent of people during lockdown, compared to just 14 percent who cited that it had no effect. 

Additionally, 42 percent stated to have listened to more material than their usual amount, with 31 percent saying they turned to music when feeling anxious. 56 percent revealed that they would use music as a mood-booster when feeling down.

New data courtesy of UK Music has also revealed that around a million adults have taken up a musical instrument during lockdown.

Following the UK government's decision to lift the majority of restrictions in England on July 19, live music is scheduled to make a full return. However, with the live sector dormant for so long, the loss of many jobs within the industry has been monumental. 

Within the survey, the UK public displayed a substantial level of support for the sector, with 43 percent of adults expressing their interest in going to a live gig or festival this year. Another two thirds are planning to attend as many or even more gigs than they did before coronavirus hit in 2020.

Among 18-to-24 year-olds, 38 percent stated that going to a music festival or gig is one of the things they’re most looking forward to after the pandemic, while 45 percent expressed concern about the financial viability of venues being allowed to stay open due to the impact of Covid-19.

UK Music’s chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said: “Combined with the huge economic contribution the music industry made pre-Covid-19, this is further evidence that the UK music industry is a key national asset that should be protected and supported by Government.

“With the right support, music can continue to play a vital role in improving people’s health and wellbeing in the months ahead as we look to recover from this pandemic.”

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