Nash the Slash dead at 66

Jeff Plewman, better known as Nash the Slash, has died at the age of 66, it's been confirmed.

The Canadian experimental musician was noted for appearing on stage wrapped in bandages, before he retired two years ago.

In 1976 he was a co-founder of Canadian prog outfit FM and appeared on their debut album Black Noise. He rejoined the band in 1983 and remained until 1996. As a solo artist he’s best remembered for 1981 mini-album Decomposing, which was designed to be played at any speed.

He played violin, mandolin, harmonica and glockenspiel, among other instruments. His compositions include soundtracks for silent movies, audiovisual collaborations with surrealist artist Robert Vanderhorst – who confirmed his colleague’s death.

Announcing his retirement in 2012, Plewman said: “I’m proud of my remarkable 40-year career in the music biz with no hit (commercial) records. As an independent artist without management, major label support or any grants whatsoever, I toured internationally and accomplished so much. I was unique on stage and on my recordings. I refused to be slick and artificial.

“Creativity in all its facets should be inspirational, and as such should be absorbed, its subtleties appreciated, understood and then woven into the fabric of some other person’s creative vision.

“I’m very pleased to have shared my creative endeavours with so many people around the world. I hope I’ve left a few breadcrumbs in the forest, to inspire others to find their own path.”

His cause of death has not been revealed.

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