Harris hasn't left Napalm Death says Greenway


Napalm Death frontman Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway has slammed rumours that Mitch Harris is no longer a member of the band.

But he’s also suggested they’re concerned that he may not be able to return.

The guitarist began an indefinite hiatus last month as a result of “illness within his family.” Since then a number of stories have circulated about him, along with the suggestion that it’s already known he won’t be back.

Greenway tells Decibel: “People think Mitch is terminally ill – and he isn’t. They think he’s left the band for some shady reason, and he hasn’t. There is no weirdness.

“You have to cut people some slack. We did that from Shane Embury when he had some problems.”

The band are due to tour the US with Voivod, and they hope Harris will be back in the fold by then. “It’s something you can’t put a time limit on,” says the frontman. “I’d rather he sort his situation out and come back with the decks clear.”

He adds: “The situation might change at some point – but we’re letting him get on with it because it’s heavy stuff. We’re trying not to be pessimistic.”

Napalm Death release 15th album Apex Predator – Easy Meat on January 26 via Century Media.