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Nails: We never went on hiatus

A promotional picture of Nails

Nails frontman Todd Jones says the band “never went on hiatus” – offering fans hope that a comeback could be on the cards.

It was widely reported earlier this year that the California three-piece had gone on a sudden hiatus after they cancelled a string of tour dates. One of the affected shows was due to take place at London’s Underworld on November 7, with the venue saying: “Unfortunately the show Nails plus Full Of Hell has now been cancelled due to the band going on sudden hiatus.”

But the band have now moved to assure fans that they are not on hiatus, with Todd Jones telling Metal Hammer: “We never went on hiatus, we just cancelled a bunch of dates.”

No further information on the band’s status was offered, but Metal Hammer understands that the band are very much still operating. The cancelled dates will not be rescheduled, however.

Fans were left further confused this month when Nails announced on their Facebook page that they would be playing at The Power Of The Riff event in Los Angeles in December with Neurosis and Gatecreeper, among others. The band did not directly address multiple questions regarding their hiatus, until giving Metal Hammer today’s statement.

As it stands, the Power Of The Riff appearance is their only scheduled show.

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