Mr Lordi's house of horrors inspired song

Lordi frontman Mr Lordi says eerie messages found on the walls of his grandparents’ house inspired a track on the band’s latest album.

The singer says he found messages written by Russian war criminals on the walls of the house he and his wife started renovating four years ago. And after doing a bit of digging, he also discovered it was once used as a radio centre for the Nazi regime during World War II.

The home’s scary past inspired the lyrics for House Of Ghosts, which appears on Lordi’s latest album Scare Force One which was released at Halloween.

Mr Lordi tells Sleaze Rocks: “It’s my grandparents’ house. It’s at least 79 years old, built in 1935. No-one knew what the house was used for until recently. My grandparents bought the house when my dad was young, maybe six or seven-years-old.

“The Second World War was going on. The wallpaper has been on those walls since 1939 or 1940. When we started renovating the house, we started taking off the wallpaper because we wanted to remove the old wood. What we found under the motherfucking wallpaper is that there are actually written messages in Russian on the walls.

“I didn’t know any Russian, so I called my friend who knows some, and she came and said, ‘Oh my God, these are cries for help.’ We had discovered that the house that I’m living in, that is my home, was actually one of the Nazi’s radio controlling centres. I had no idea. Nobody ever told me. My relatives never told me that.”

He continues: “There were so many weird things that were happening while we were renovating the house. Those lyrics are in the song. I could have written an hour and a half song of House Of Ghosts.

“The ghosts are following somebody that we do not see. You see somebody sit in an empty chair, for example. There are talks, whispers. There are sounds, there are shadows. All kinds of weird shit.”

The group’s seventh album Scare Force One was also launched as a box set which contained a specially-comissioned comic book. The Finnish band won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the track Hard Rock Hallelujah.

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